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"I was introduced to Adriana by a Realtor friend whom I consulted with about listing my house. She realized the unique property needed a unique Realtor. The property had a special location and history that did not have a typical way of justifying the price being asked because there were no comparable house sales in the neighborhood that would support the typical guidelines required. After seeing the property and agreeing to take on the challenge, Adriana set out to do her magic. She found the perfect fit in the buyer and sold the property for what we were asking, a substantial amount. Adriana represented this seller extremely professionally without bringing anyone but interested and qualified buyers. I would recommend her as your agent knowing she will represent you regardless of whether you are a buyer or a seller with only your interests in mind."

 - Michael Guillaume

"We have lived in the Tucson Catalina Foothills, and primarily Ventana, for over two decades. Adriana has been instrumental in both selling and purchasing several of our homes. Look no further for an agent. Here’s why. Have you ever listed a home you want to sell, signed the contract, and basically never heard from the listing agent again unless you, the seller, have to contact that agent and ask what’s happening? With Adriana you can rest assured that she is on top of each and every showing. She makes your home a top priority and will never just let any agent with the code to your lock box show up without her being present if at all possible. You can trust that Adriana will treat your home as you would—-making certain that you are contacted after every showing with feedback from the prospective buyer, and so importantly, leaving your home locked up and lights off and safe and secure.

Our recent home in Ventana sold for full price with the added bonus of trading for a smaller home which was exactly what we were looking for. This transaction was a very challenging process but Adriana never missed a step. Please know that your real estate concerns, either buying or selling are in the best hands possible with Adriana. We could never give any agent we’ve worked with a 5 star rating without hesitation. This coming from a couple who have bought and sold numerous properties over the past 50 years."

 - The Reisinger’s. Pete and Stevie

"Adriana Loschner’s professionalism, customer service excellence and kindness are unmatched compared to other real estate persons that I have ever worked with. She works with you versus for you.

I have been both a buyer and a seller of hers. The care provided her clients combined with exceptional industry knowledge in a the Tucson, AZ market is one of the many reasons that I am honored to share my professional assessments regarding her qualifications.

Ms. Loschner’s strategic plans and tactics are extraordinary in her ability to bring real estate transactions to an impressive and timely closure is noteworthy. She will exceed your expectations.

Ms. Loschner is an active member of the community and involved on a personal and professional level. I will never hesitate to recommend her, assuring the fact that you have a partner during a stressful buy-sell time in one’s life. Ms. Loschner handles the process with elegance, knowledge and honesty. Adriana Loschner will move, inspire and touch you for many years to come."

 - Mike Hirsch - NAU Adjunct Professor Business/Management

"Look no further…she’s the best in Tucson! Adriana and her team have been our realtor since 2007. She’s been with us from the start to the finish line with purchasing two homes and selling our two homes in the Catalina foothills. Adriana is highly knowledgeable about the current real estate market and her negotiating skills are top-notch! We’re so happy that our friend recommended Adriana because there’s no one like her in town."

 - Tania Armstrong

"Around three years ago I listed my home in La Reserve here in Oro Valley with another realtor. I may have had two or three showings in the period of time. I finally got fed up with the lack of activity and checked around and was provided Adriana’s name and contact information. I had fired my current agent by this time. I requested a meeting and she complied. I liked what Adriana had to say and asked her to represent me which she did. She made some suggestions on things to do with the house that were not expensive which I did. She sent a crew out for pictures for MLS and worked up an impressive listing package. Pictures were great, and she also generated a floor plan and handouts for the property. I had more showings the first week that Adriana had the house than I did in the entire time the house was with another agency. I was always provided notice of showings and feedback on the showings. There must have been 150 or more showings and we got an offer about a month ago. This is where it got interesting.

I needed to purchase a house as I sold the listed house. In the middle of all this Adriana located a new home (that is what I wanted) and a smaller home. She started to work with the builders, finance and escrow people. She came up with the perfect home for me at a bargain price and a super mortgage person at an unheard-of interest rate. When it became clear that the deal was going forward she worked with buyers and sellers and construction people to make it all happen in one day. I could not believe that she could pull off two closings with different title companies, get my mortgage and title stuff done in one day. She did it. She told me that we would close both on the 20th of this month and she did it. As the time got close I started to panic. She worked with me and I was impossible to deal with. She answered my calls day and night. I hope she has forgiven my unreasonable behavior. I just didn’t believe it could happen."

 - John H. Shanks

"We felt in expert hands through the negotiation process of successfully selling our cherished home. Their expertise with presentation in photography, brochure and advertising was incomparable. Now, as we search for our next perfect nest, we depend on their extensive knowledge of Tucson real estate market, giving us the Pros and Cons of each house we contemplate! We appreciate that they treat us with genuine respect and friendship."

 - Connie Wicks, 

We had a great experience selling our home. Adriana and Ed managed the entire sales process and guided us through every step of selling our house. They have a deep understanding of the real estate market, valuations, and bring proven experience to their clients. They appraised the value of our home and we were under contract within 11 days from the list date. The final sales price we received was 97% of the original list price. Tangible Wealth provided us a concierge and exceptional sales experience!

David Malloy


“Complicated transaction, long lead time, many variables and complex negotiations and Tangible Wealth navigated the exchange beautifully."

 - Ken Ludeke